Welcome to UTS Robotics Society for 2015

Welcome everyone to UTS Robotics Society for 2015! This will be our first formal communication for new, existing and potential future members.

We have tons of things prepared for our members this year but first of all, lets talk meetings.

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Our First Meet and Greet

First of all, we’re happy to announce the details of our first meeting.

The date and time of our first meeting is….

Tuesday March 3rd 2015 at 5:30PM

Play the congratulations music, throw the confetti etc etc. This first meeting will primarily be a meet and greet session. This is when you’ll be introduced to all the club executive members. These will be the people that you will be bugging throughout the year if you have any questions, if you need some help or if one of our robots go sentient.  (You can also come earlier if you would like~ Most of the executive members will be there to get ready and you can watch us run around like headless chickens~)

At this first meeting, we’ll be giving a quick presentation along with demonstrations of the equipment/gear we have available at our club room. We’ll also quickly go through the workshops and tutorials we’ll be offering to all our members.

We’ll also be processing registrations for members that couldn’t register on O’day. You can also bring your friends along. We can always do with more people~

Once we get through the “boring” stuff, we finally get to the….

Free pizza and drinks

Just so we can make this go as smoothly as possible, could you please fill out this form linked below. We just need your first name (To match it to our database) and if you have any specific dietary requirements (i.e. don’t like a specific pizza topping, don’t like pizza at all etc). That way we can make sure we make accommodations for everyone and no one misses out on some lovely free food.



General meeting times

We have also decided on our final meeting times for 2015.

The club meeting times will be (Starting from Week 2)

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2PM onwards

Tuesday will be a more casual meeting session, where members can work on projects, ask questions and get help from other members in general. Wednesday will be our workshop days. This is when one of our senior members will be running tutorials/workshops to teach other members how to program, use the Arduinos and go over competition rules. Of course, you can still come on Wednesday even if you’re not following the workshops~ Some of these times might be subject to change depending on feedback from our members.


How to get to our club room

At UTS Robotics Society, we know how hard it is to find our club room the first time around. (Some people get so lost that we end up finding them as fossils #truestory).

To help everyone out, we have created this helpful guide.

If you would prefer a less cringe worth map (Not by much) here is an album version of the above

Map to UTS Robosoc

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