Welcome All!

First off, welcome to all our new members! Whether you popped into our stall on O-Day, heard about us through a friend, or stumbled across the society on Facebook, we’re glad to have you around. We can’t wait to see what exciting projects you come up with!

For our first meeting, we’re planning to gather as usual in the ICT Lab (see “About” page above) at 5:00 PM, Wednesday February 27th. However, we’re not yet 100% sure that the room will be available, so please keep an eye on this website (or our Facebook page) in case of any changes. Also, if it turns out that most members would prefer a different meeting time then we’ll probably change our scheduled meet-up to suit. If you’re interested in what we do, but aren’t yet sure whether you’d like to join, then feel free to come and visit and see what we’re up to.

RoboSoc’s main aim is to provide a community for robotics enthusiasts. We can provide tools, materials and components, and software – but more importantly, a place to share ideas, knowledge, and experience. We have a number of projects floating around, and we’ll always be happy for help with the NI Autonomous Robotics Competition. But we can say from experience that the best way to really get the most out of your time here is to find a project of your own. Something that makes you super-excited to be building robots. This is a great time to be ambitious – so find something awesome, something that’ll make you proud to say “I built that!”, and we’ll do what we can to help you see it through.

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