Welcome 2014-ers!

Hey everyone!

Thanks to all of you for coming and taking an interest in our O-Day stall, it was great to meet so many enthusiastic people! Just wanted to mention a couple of things about the upcoming meetings:

First off, and most important, there won’t be a meeting on during the first week of semester. We’d like to let everyone get settled in for the first week, rather than adding to the sudden shock of returning to class. But don’t forget about us! We’ll be back to our regular weekly meetings starting on March 4th.

Regarding that first meeting, we’d like to ask if you own a laptop that you bring it along. We’re not certain about our plans just yet, but on the off-chance we end up doing some coding you’ll have an easier time with your own computer. We’ll be opening the doors at 4:00, and we’ll get started properly at 5:00. Feel free to turn up anytime.

As much as we’d like to cater dinner as well, it’s just not feasible for us at the moment. Our members normally hop up to Broadway and grab something to eat at about 7:00-7:30 then return to the lab, so we’ll try and have any structured happenings finished by then. If you’re keen to hang around after dinner, great! If you’d rather head home and recover from class then that’s fine too. There’s also a microwave available in the room if that helps, but not really any running water.

As always, if you’d like to ask or clarify anything then you can contact us via Facebook, email or through the comments here on the website. Until then, enjoy your classes and stay well!

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