Weekly Update – Week 3

Welcome to another edition of the UTS Robotics Society Weekly Update, now just one day late! Usually these will go out on Sunday but umm….tutorial questions and deadlines got in the way. Anyway enough depressing news, lets move on to the actual updates because there is quite a lot to cover! NI Autonomous Robotics Competition, Arduino Workshop 2/Competition 1 and what will happen this week.


Workshop 2 and Competition 1 – Lets see how long it takes for Arduino to crash

Now that we had covered basic intro to programming, the next step to take was to get all our new members into the wonderful world of Arduino. We had used the development programs and Arduino boards countless amount of times so this should have been a piece of cake…..except it wasn’t.

As anyone who was at the workshop can testify, we ran into nearly every possible error imaginable. Program crashes that have never happened before, code not compiling, random hardware failure with the Arduino boards, random failures of the Zumo bots etc etc. Look back at it, it’s quite amazing to see how many errors we ran into.

The obviously means we couldn’t get our complete lesson plan across (Big apologies!). To make up for it, we’ve added a few more Arduino tutorials to our resource page to help fill in some of the gaps we had obviously created with our workshop issues.

We recommend the “Intro to Arduino” video series by the University of South Florida. Videos not your thing? Then the Arduino Tutorial series by Adafruit and Tronixstuff are both great reads.


We’ve also posted details about our very first Arduino Competition – The Great Figure 8 Challenge! The goal is to get our Zumo bots to move around the best figure of 8 shape possible. Extra points being awarded for creative code, short code etc. Full details are on our competition page.




NI Autonomous Robotics Competition for 2015

Last week was spent finalizing our entry into the NI Autonomous Robotics Competition for 2015. The first step was to determine the core lead members of our team. The picture above represents some of the core members of our team (Excluding the random Muppet, he was just a random observer). Vice President Dennis and President Corey will be leading the Electronic and Mechanical components of the project. Event Manager Ivan along with general Robosoc members, Leonid, Paul and Michael will be leading the Programming side.

Once NI receives our application, they will send us the complete rule set and tools required to begin building our robot for this year. We will be having regular meetings to hash out the details of our robot and it would be great to see all of our general members there as well to help us come up with new ideas and suggestions. These meetings will likely be held on either Tuesday during normal meeting times.


What’s happening for Week 4

This week we’ll be once again having our usual meetings on Tuesday. Some of our exec members should be working on their own personal projects so most of us should be around. We’ll also have the Zumo bots available so you can make a start on the Arduino Competition.

On Wednesday we will either have a tour of UTS’s Robotics Facilities or another workshop that goes through more basic Arduino items. We will also spend the remaining time helping people out with any Arduino questions you may have. We’ll post more details by Tuesday (Promise! No “One day late” edition for that!)

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