Weekly Update – Trivia, Stalls, Tours and Drinks

This week we talk to Federal Minister Malcolm Turnbull, win and lose at geek trivia, get a second fridge and play host to some Indian High Schoolers.

This weekly update is brought to you by James, Treasurer of our great and glorious club, recipient of much praise, he who shall be rewarded with great wealth and conqueror of worlds. Boy have we got a jam-packed update this week, I think you might enjoy it. Already rave reviews have been streaming in, here’s some of my favourites: “10/10, would James again”, “he’s so beautiful and talented” and “1/10, needs more triangles”. Thank you to these people, especially the Pythagoras wanna-be, your criticisms have been considered and will be worked into later posts. First up this week, geek trivia.


Geek trivia

With our numbers this semester we were able to fill up almost two whole tables (still 20 less than EGG)! Our teams met mixed success with one of our teams (whose name I forget) coming third and the other, “Nice Dynamite”, coming fifth. Geek trivia is hosted by EGG and other related societies twice a year, so if you missed out this time, there’s still plenty of opportunities to be disappointed!



On Friday we were at the Microsoft #WeSpeakCode event. The event was aimed at promoting coding skills in high school students. The highlight of our day was getting to speak to the Federal Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull. If you don’t believe me, then I doubt your better judgement., Oh, and there’s also this picture of us with him.

Activity Time!

Observe the handsome faces on the right and left (or just the right, if that’s your political bent). Notice the expressions on them. What do you see? If you said “the same, uncommitted, blank stare” then you are absolutely right! It just goes to show how professional that James is, he’s an up and coming politician. He’ll surely be our next PM (Four more years! Four more years!). In all honesty the best part of the experience was realising that Jake didn’t realise who he was talking to the whole time. Also, we nearly got on TV! I stress the ‘nearly’. I’ve cried myself to sleep the last couple of nights with this knowledge in my mind.



Second fridge

We now have a second fridge! Not that we used the other all that much, but still…two hey? We’re using this fridge to store drinks which everyone can access for the modest price of 50c a bottle. At the moment we’ve got coke zero and water in there at the moment. So if you’re down in the room and need a drink it’s a cheaper and closer alternative than woollies.

Our event manager managing his most exciting event this week-just look at his smile

Indian High School Visit

Recently, UTS ran a competition for Indian High School Students. The winners received a trip to Sydney and UTS. RoboSoc got the chance to show them around the lab. It was great meeting them, they were very enthusiastic and asked lots of questions. You can read more about it here: http://newsroom.uts.edu.au/news/2015/05/rewarding-sydney-trip-winning-indian-students .

Well we’ve come to the end of a yet another weekly update. We hope that you have pleasant exam-prep and accept the inevitable enslavement of our race by robots (or rodents, I forget which). This weekly update has been brought to you by James. Is there something missing from your life? Do you feel the need to fill that hole? Well I don’t know why you’re looking for advice from this website. Go away now, there’s internets to do.

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