Weekly Update 3 & 4

Good evening Robosoc members!

We missed Week 3, so here is UTS Robosoc Weekly Update 3 & 4, because double the info, in half of the emails~

Hello World & LEDs

Thank you everyone for coming to either of our tutorials over the last two weeks, or both! Our members had a little info session with our execs with what makes an Arduino Uno, and what is Arduino. We had tons of questions and it was great seeing all of you!
This week we had everyone learn how to code their own patterns in Arduino, using LEDs. We saw tons of different patterns of flashing colours and pretty lights all around from everyone, so hopefully everyone had a good time tweaking with LEDs.

Here are some pictures from the tutorials~

13009878_10204398975574207_158010424_o 13010121_10204398975174197_1091817167_o 13010223_10204398975694210_228097629_o 13035530_10204398975414203_1776072933_o


We do not have a meeting tomorrow nor a tutorial as it is both Anzac Day and StuVac, so relax and take it easy for a week!
Our next tutorial will start on 2nd of May, at 3pm-4pm downstairs in the pits of Building 2.
It’ll be on input buttons, Ultrasonic & IR sensors.
If you can’t remember, don’t worry~
We’ll be posting an event for it in the following week, so be sure to keep your eyes on our page!

Other Things

The guys at AusGeo (you would have seen them filming on our Meet & Greet) have posted one of their videos on their youtube!
Take a look if you’ve got some time to kill.


Every year, we’ve teamed up with a couple of other clubs at UTS, to present you Geek Trivia, where you can test whether or not you really know your facts about your favourite TV shows or games~

More info can be found on the event


Finally, UTS Engineering & IT will be at Sydney Olympic Park for CeBIT on the 2nd-4th of May. It’s a big exhibition where there’ll be plenty of ICT and that kind of business that you can look around.
As long as you register with the promo code in the link, it’s free!

If you’re interested, check out the link below for more details~


(If there’s enough people coming, we might be able to organise something going together~)

Anyways, that’s all for 3 & 4!

Enjoy your week of relaxation (*cough* studying vacation *cough*) and see you back on our next meeting~

See you soon!

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