Weekly Update 2 – Autumn

Post Meet & Greet

Thank you very much!

Before we get started, thank you everyone who didn’t get lost and attended our Meet & Greet on Monday~
It was great talking to all of our new members and hanging around popping ballons!

Speaking of which, the winners of the balloon popping competition are
1. Ciaran S
2. Terri
3. Henry P
4. Nisha

If you haven’t collected your prize yet, then pop down next week during our next general meeting and tell
one of the execs.

If you couldn’t make it on the day don’t fret too much! Come along to any of our general meetings on Monday
from here on out and you should be fine~

Here are some of the activities and you guys in action!


Also, we’ve got a survey here as well that you can fill out if you missed out on doing it during our Meet & Greet.
Just a simple one just to see what you’d like to do this year~



Thank you all very much for coming to STEMtacular and saying hi to us at our booth~
Also welcome to our new members who signed up last night as well! It was a great time hanging
out with everyone down in the underground!

First Tutorial & General Meeting

Our first General Meeting will be on
Monday 11th of April at 2pm-6pm

And our first Tutorial will be on
Monday 11th of April at 3pm-4pm

We will be covering a “Hello World” Arduino introduction which will make sure everyone is set up and
ready to start programming and creating in the magical world of micro-controllers.
We’ll also be answering any questions you might have as well.

We have a Facebook event as well.

Hope to see you all next Monday!

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