UTS RoboSoc Spring 2015 Schedule


Greetings everyone,

Hope everyone had fun during the Autumn break. It’s now Spring and you know what that means? It means UTS RoboSoc is going to begin regular meetings once again~ “Insert confetti here”

I’m sure everyone is eager to hear when our first meetings start and what our regular schedule is. We are happy to announce that meeting times for Spring 2015 will be.

Every Tuesday from 3PM to 7PM

We will be having our first meeting on August 4th, where we will be demoing a few of our current projects like the 2015 NI Competition Robot while the other members will be showing off their own projects.

For first time members, we all know how hard it is to find our room. So we have prepared a little picture guide to help you out.

Map to UTS Robosoc

We also have some great workshops and events coming up this semester. Some of the items we have planned include

  • How to make your own LED Cube Workshop 
  • All you need to know to make your very own Printed Circuit Board Workshop
  • A group trip to watch our team compete in the finals of the NI Autonomous Robotics Competition
  • Geek Trivia for 2015 run by EGG
We hope to see everyone around~
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