The UTS RoboSoc Weekly Update – Week 6

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter break~ I assume most of you are probably very busy at the moment enjoying yourselves so I’ll keep this week’s update very short.

Tl;dr – We still have meetings this week on Tuesday/Wednesday, There is a tour on Wednesday and we bow down to our great president Corey.


RoboSoc Tours the UTS Centre for Autonomous Systems (CAS)

Ever wanted to know what kind of Robotics research is done at UTS: University of Technology, Sydney?

Well this is your chance~

The fine people at UTS Centre for Autonomous Systems have been kind enough to give UTS RoboSoc members a tour of their facilities! (More information about UTS CAS is available on their homepage

We will get to see research into exoskeletons, robotic arms and much more!

There will also be food and drinks available afterwards. RSVP is necessary!

The tour will run on Wednesday April 8th at 4PM! We will meet at our usual RoboSoc room (CB02.02.12). More info is at our event page below.


The Great President Corey – How Arduino can be made to best service us humans (Or make an LED blink)

The great and noble president of RoboSoc, Corey, have come amongst us lowly humans, to bestow upon us the knowledge of Arduino! He hath guided us in the ways of making LEDs blink with ruthless abandon and has conquered the art of Servo movement through the dark art of PWM.


In plain English, our very busy President, Corey, took the time last week to run a quick workshop on how to make LEDs blink and make servos move using an Arduino. If you missed out on that workshop, you can watch some of the tutorial videos we have linked to on our resources page (

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