The UTS RoboSoc Weekly Update – Week 5

Has it really been 5 weeks already? Time flies when you are swamped with university work. Still, can’t let a little bit of university work get in the way of world domination through angry little robots. Here is the Weekly Update for Week 5, doing our little part of our future robot overlords.


Our members are being productive!

Now is a good time to see what our other members are doing for the glory of robotics! First off, most of our new members have been working on getting their Zumo Figure of 8 competition robots ready for this week’s competition! We made some great progress last week with at least two members being able to draw a reasonable figure of 8 on our ultra-fancy whiteboard circuit. How fancy is our setup? Well it involves strapping a whiteboard marker to the front of our Zumo bot and letting it draw on the whiteboard. A great use of available resources we think.

Don’t forget, the competition will be held this week during the regular workshop session on Wednesday and Tuesday if some people can’t make the Wednesday slot. Check out the rules and deadline right here. The winner will get something really cool that happens to be on sale at Woolies on the day~


Quartermaster Jake’s totally not-evil night vision camera

On the topic of member projects, our quartermaster Jake was performing some upgrades to his home-made night vision, which he absolutely assures us will not be used for evil and nefarious deeds. It uses IR LEDS, a normal pinhole camera module and a small screen. Our Quartermaster was adding a few more IR LEDs to his pre-existing setup to improve visibility.

You can see see his build here on Instructables. It has much more detail then what we already mentioned here~


NI Competition – Obstacles everywhere~

As we briefly mentioned last week, we have finally received the rule set for this year’s NI Competition. What your see above is the competition stage for this year. A brief summary of what our robot needs to do is

  1. Get from the starting area to the cargo collection area
  2. Wait till we load it up with cargo
  3. Move from the collection area then drop off one cargo load at T1~2 (Making sure to avoid the Hazardous Area)
  4. Once it’s all dropped off, go to the finish.

The T3 drop off point is a “bonus” area, where we get extra points. Of course all of this needs to be done autonomously, no hidden remote controls or anything cheaty like that. Our robot will need to gauge the situation and determine, by itself, how best to approach the situation. You can read the complete detailed ruleset at NI’s website here.


We also had our ex-RoboSoc executive and labview extraordinaire, Dave, to give our new NI members a quick briefdown on Labview and getting it to work with our platform.

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