The UTS RoboSoc Weekly Update – VC Week

We have returned from the dark! After losing internet access due to the “light” rains of the last week, we are now back to provide everyone with an update of what is going on at RoboSoc. I’m sure everyone is still in holiday/bunker mode so we’ll keep this one short and interesting.

Geek Trivia

Geek Trivia – Test your brawn for glorious prizes

In age old tradition, E.G.G (Electronic Gaming Guild) is once again hosting “Geek Trivia!” It’s a night of a glorious trivia action with drinks and food provided for all participants! It will be held on Friday May 1st at 6:00PM at the UTS Underground.

Tickets are $15 for RoboSoc members and tickets can be bought at our usual meeting hours on Tuesday and Wednesday. The best option is to chase down one of our fine executive members during the meeting and shove $15 down their throat~ (Note: We don’t really recommend this. We have sensitive throats).

More information is available on the Geek Trivia Facebook event page


General Meetings Resume Next Week – Feedback Session This Week

Good news~ General meetings begin again next week~ Yay~ That means meetings will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4PM till around 7PM.

In particular for next week, we are hoping to get some feedback from all our new members. What you liked, what you hated, what you would like to see more of and stuff like that. We can either set up an anonymous feedback sheet or just talk about it as a group.


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