Spring Semester Update

Spring has sprung!
Spring has sprung!

Greetings to all members and non-members alike!

The spring semester has kicked off once again, bringing our winter break to a close. But that also now means our regular society meetings (meet-ups) have resumed.

But firstly, another big welcome is in order for those who joined during the UTS Clubs Day!

So far, details regarding meet-up times are as follows:

Time:        Tuesday 16:00-20:00
Location:  CB02.02.12 (you can find a map on the about page)

Please drop by any time within these hours and stay for as little or as long (we hope) as you’d like!

We will see what other days work for people and organise something to get everyone involved. If you have any preferences (or general enquiries, for that matter) don’t hesitate to shoot us an email here or jump onto our Facebook page and send us a message.

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