RoboSoc Weekly Update – Spring 2015 Week 2

Welcome back~

Spring is here, bringing with it a fresh new semester and temperatures that, hopefully, doesn’t make it seem like we’re a bunch of penguins swimming in the Antarctica ocean.

As for RoboSoc, we continue to prod along in our little club room, doing what we always do~ For anyone who missed out on our weekly supply of procrastination, here is what we got up to.

Ah! Before that, just as a notice for this week’s Tuesday meeting. Due to a lot of mitigating factors (Birthdays, work, too much cheese indigestion etc), the meeting for this week will likely be a reduced session that ends at around 6PM rather than the usual 7PM. Just thought we’d let you know in case you tend to arrive at the later times.


Wooo~~ Fresh Prey…I mean new members… 

Last Tuesday was our first official meeting of the new semester, which means it’s the first time we get to see all our lovely new members that we captured during the Club Open day. There was a bunch of random snacks that we happened to get on sale at Woolworths (Like seriously good bargains, 50% off anyone?). While everyone gorged themselves on Chocolate, our executive members made sure to walk around to everyone and tell them about the activities the club has in plan. Speaking of which…


Allow us to flood your brain with knowledge

We are now planning our first workshops. In order to make sure as many of you can attend, could you please answer this quick poll question so that we can figure out what the best time would be.

As of now, our first workshop will be a quick introduction to our Arduino powered Zumo Bots run by our resident Arduino master and programming czar, James The Tall. That will happen on Week 4 (Week starting August 17th) on Wednesday after 4PM. That will likely run for 2 weeks, after which we will move on to PCB design by Tom the Brave and then LED Cube construction run by our great dictator, Crimson Corey.


NI Team Update – Araldite Solves All Issues 

The prototypes for our NI Competition Robot drop off mechanism is coming along very nicely. We spent the week making our first full plastic  prototypes of the drop off mechanism. Of course, our first prototype designs didn’t come with any way of constructing them with bolts (Because who wants to spend hours screwing little bolts on for a prototype). However that is not a problem for our team!

20150804_190432 (1280x720) 20150804_191750 (1280x720) 20150804_190418 (1280x720)

There is another way of attaching bits of plastic together, the god of superglue, Araldite! After much liberal use of Araldite, vice grips and blocks of wood, the prototypes were finally completed. This week will be spent mounting these prototypes to the actual robot to test their functionality while the mechanical design team gets to work on a design that doesn’t involve sticking our fingers together for the rest of the day.

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