Java Tutorials

Java is a programming language that is used frequently amongst programmers. It is also the language taught at UTS for students enrolled in FEIT courses. It is also similar to how Arduino’s are programmed and thus a nice place to start if you want to get started with robot development

1) A nice Java tutorial site that goes through all the basics in easy to follow video form.

2) Essentially the “bible” of Java. The Oracle Java Tutorial site. Oracle is the company that currently maintains the Java programming language. This site is the go-to site for figuring out every aspect of Java

3) Here is a site that guides you through various Java tutorials

4) A similar site to above but with a bit more challenge


Arduino Tutorials

The Arduino is a little microcontroller board that can be used to create all sorts of unique projects. Our Zumo robots use the Arduino as their main brain. You can find more information at their official website

1) A great little video series used by the University of South Florida to teach basic Arduino skills to their students. Here is a playlist of their Arduino related videos but they have plenty more content on their channel

2) Plenty of Arduino tutorials that cover more advanced concepts but also goes through the basics as well

3) A series of tutorials produced by the official creators of Arduino. They also have other resources like a command reference page and a mini-wiki of sorts

4) A great series of Arduino tutorials on Tronixstuff  that start from the basics and gradually moves up to more complex ideas


5) Adafruit is one of the best places for getting Arduino shields and components. They also have a comprehensive list of tutorials to get the most out of their components. Here is their basic intro to Arduino lesson along with a link to the rest of their tutorials


Zumo Robot Tutorials

The Zumo Bot is a little Arudino powered robot platform produced by Pololu. It is the robot platform that we use at the club to help guide new members into the world of robotics.

1) Here is the main Zumo page on the Pololu website. It has basic resources and files needed to get it up and running

2) Here is Pololu’s official tutorial site for making use of the Zumo robot. You’ll need a basic understanding of how Arduino works to make sense of most of these tutorials

3) A guide that shows how the Zumo can be optimized to become better sumo wrestlers

Zumo Robot Last Tuning Tips


Comrade James’ Amazing Arduino Workshop Corner

Our great comrade, James, bestows us with his knowledge and wisdom. This place shall be used to post all his great teachings.

1) Slideshow for Workshop 1 – Arduinos and Strife

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