Preparing for FEIT Orientation Sessions

One of the many things the club does throughout the year is to participate in the numerous sessions organised by UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT for short). One of the first sessions this year will be FEIT’s orientation sessions for all those youngins joining UTS FEIT for 2015.

As part of our participation in FEIT’s orientation sessions, UTS RoboSoc will be running orientation stalls on Feb 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th and the 28th. However that’s not the only thing we are doing. UTS FEIT is preparing 4 trivia nights for new comers on Feb 11th, 16th, 17th and 28th. Clearly we need some UTS RoboSoc representation at trivia night and if we’re going to participate, we might as well go the extra mile.

X6 Quadcopter

In that respect, we have provided UTS FEIT with FOUR X6 quadcopters with video recording capabilities. These little quadcopters are extremely potent little devices and they will surely be one of the highlight prizes at Trivia night. We hope whoever wins them will truly enjoy them.

UTS FEIT is also generously allowing us to include some UTS RoboSoc flyers into the showbags handed out to all new students. This was a great opportunity for us to design new flyers to use throughout the year.


Our first drafts were “interesting” to say the least. Our initial thought was that we should go for something with lots of pretty colors so that we capture peoples’ attention in between the time we eagerly put it in their hands to the point where they chuck it in the bin a few seconds later.


We introduced the little resistor chart on the side along with an xkcd comic on the back. It was essentially “throw things at a wall and see what sticks” in flyer form. Frankly we could have gone with this….up until the point where we saw the price of printing the 5000 or so flyers we would need for this year. The chain of events went, we asked for a quote, got a quote, immediately decided that color is for the weak and black/white is clearly the future.

Flyer SingleHere was our 2nd attempt at our flyer. After our price shock from before, we went full conservative and started to design a single sided flyer. As you can see, we’ve drastically reduced the amount of information we were trying to cram into the flyer. It was also completely devoid of color or else our treasurer would have had a second heart attack when I told him the price. However, the single sided flyer just seemed a bit…plain. We also found out that getting a double sided flyer only added a few dollars to the final cost.


Finally we arrive at our final design. It’s a clean looking double sided flyer with an emphasis on only writing the bare minimum on the flyer. Reducing the amount of information we were trying to convey on the flyer allowed us to really simplify the design and make it much more visually appealing than our initial color designs. These will be the flyer that we will be handing out on O’Day and in the FEIT showbags.

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