ExecutiveCommittee roboExec = new ExecutiveCommittee();

As of last Tuesday, RoboSoc has an official executive committee for 2014! Thank you to those who turned up to have their say in the future of our society – we will do our best to live up to, and hopefully exceed, your expectations. Whilst they won’t officially assume their new duties until the new year, here is the lineup for 2014:

  • President: Nathan Stathis
  • Vice-President: Dave Hunt
  • Treasurer: Tom Flynn
  • Secretary: David Ledger
  • Events Manager: Stuart Wheatley
  • Quartermaster: Tim Baker
  • Online Content Manager: Ben Barnes

We’d also like to extend a huge thank you to our outgoing executive committee, who have kept the gears turning and the lights on throughout the year, and helped shape the society into what it is today. But the greatest thanks goes to all our members – you guys make the society what it is, and we’re privileged to get to turn up every week and nerd it up with all of you.

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