Jame’s Workshop Bonanza – Lesson 1 Arduinos and Strife

Come forth those who want to bathe in the endless ocean of knowledge!

The great James the Tall ascends from his blessed throne from above, the great heavens of programming, to give all ye young disciples a path to enlightenment. A glorious path that leads thee to the wonderful of Arduino programming and trying to get the Arduino to get recognised over the USB port.

UTS RoboSoc’s first workshop, Arduinos and Strife, will be held on Wednesday August 19th at 4PM down at our usual club room. We might also open another session at 5PM on the same day if there are a lot of people that can’t attend the 4PM session. No prior programming knowledge will be required.

In order to make the session go smoothly, we ask that participants bring a laptop along, hopefully with the Arduino programming software installed beforehand. This can be downloaded at the official Arduino site – https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software


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