Getting Ready for 2015

We’re now a couple weeks into 2015 and rapidly approaching the start of the new semester. UTS Robotics Society has been busy making preparations so that we can restart meetings as soon as possible and get everything organised for all our members, new and old.

Part of this process has been our first Executive members meeting of 2015. The main focus of the meeting was making sure our plans for UTS 2015 O’Day were finalized and ready to go. We also discussed future potential plans to give new members more things to do during our weekly meetings, whether that be teaching them how to use microcontrollers, soldering tutorials and so on. We hope to provide more details about some of these plans in the near future.


Our quartermaster, Jake, has also been busy today. To improve access to our supplies, Jake has reorganised our storage cupboard from the bottom up.


20150114_134639Using his trusty portable drill, Jake the Quartermaster makes short work of getting the shelving backplate installed into our cupboard.

20150114_134603Our club mascots inspecting our new part bins. I think they approve~

20150114_140401Finally the new parts bins are installed. Jake The Quartermaster and Vice President Dennis crouch proudly in front of our new improved cupboard.

20150114_134458A vast improvement compared to last year.

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