First Meet and Greet for 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to UTS Robotics Society for 2016! Hopefully the transition from long holidays into uni studies hasn’t been too hard. This will be our very first formal communication of 2016 for new, existing and potential future members.
We have a ton of events coming up! But before we get started, let’s get some of the important ones out of the way.

Meet & Greet

Congratulations on receiving this email and being invited to our Meet and Greet! The details for this event are

Monday April 4th from 2PM to 6PM

This’ll be more like a first general meeting then a Meet and Greet, where you can meet the execs and your fellow club members as well. Any questions and queries throughout the year that you’ve got, these guys will probably the best bet, be it asking for ideas, your robot not doing what you want it to do, or just to show off your cool projects. (Feel free to come down earlier, most of the executive members should be there trying to look organised~)

We’ll have a quick presentation as well as some demos of the equipment we have available  as well as a couple of the projects the execs have got lying around, so feel free to bug them about what they’re doing! We’ll also go over some of the workshops and tutorials we’ll be doing for our members. And we’ll have some snacks and drinks for everyone as well!
We’ll also process any members who couldn’t or didn’t register on O’day. Any of your friends are welcome to come along.

General Weekly Meetings

We will also be beginning regular meetings starting from April 4th. The meetings will happen every Monday from 2PM to 6PM. We might also have the room available to use for general members throughout the week (Except for Tuesday). More details will be provided during the meet and greet.

Club Directions

At UTS Robotics Society, we know how hard it is to find our club room the first time around. (Some people get so lost that we end up finding them as fossils #truestory).
To help everyone out, we have created this helpful guide.
If you would prefer a less cringe worth map (Not by much) here is an album version of the above


This year we will be having a special joint event with a couple of the other clubs in the STEM faculities down in the Underground. The date will be ……
Tuesday April 5th at 6PM
There’ll be a couple of presentations from all the clubs there, tons of time for talking to the different clubs if you missed them during O’Day, and even hanging around with the execs!
It’ll be a free event with drinks and food? so come down and bring along your friends for a great time hanging with everyone! Who’d say no to free drinks and food?!
Event link

Small Things

Finally to wrap it all up, anyone who is interested in an advanced coding/robotics competition can ask any of the execs for any further details or inquiries about what it’s about.

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